Democracy / ITM Promo // January 2010
78mb, 57min

Originally intended as a mix to accompany some sort of text as a promotional feature on InTheMix for the Robert Hood gig put on by Democracy. I was never really given much of a brief, together with the fact I was mid exam week at Tafe, so true to my procrastinational ways I found time to trial some different track combinations and then record the mix. As a result it may not be (i.e. it isn't) that successful as a themed mix in the vein of unrelenting Detroit Techno la Robert Hood but it probably works well as a showcase mix of some of the things I have been into lately.

01. Conforce - Cccp [Modelisme]
02. Peter Van Hoesen - Continued Care [Komisch]
03. Anders Ilar - Ulterior Motives [Level]
04. Stewart Walker - Scratched Notes [Curle]
05. Cinderfella Ltd - Time [Arpiar]
06. D Diggler - Cygnus [Level Non Zero]
07. Alland Byallo - War Zero [Nightlight]
08. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Modern Dance [Recognition]
09. Pi Ensemble - Mirror Light [Yojik Concon]
10. IMPS - Uncle Limps (Minilogue Remix) [Mule Electronic]
11. Baby Ford & Zip - Clean Hands [Pal SL]
12. Oni Ayhun - OAR004B [Oni Ayhun]