Points of Departure // November 2009 Studio Mix
76mb, 56min

I don’t usually do any planning for a set (other than selecting a crate) but this did start with a rough concept and trying out a few ideas before being recorded in one take. Mixed using a "3 deck" setup in Ableton Live with a focus on long, gradual transitions rather than utilising loops and fx. After a deceiving opening, it quickly reduces to a sparse groove and proceeds to work through a range of heady cuts. I was very pleased to include the lovely Cells tracks and also part of the amazing Oni Ayhun 001 (converted to digi for convenience) on the way back up towards a melancholy conclusion courtesy of the mighty Seńor Parqa. I suppose you might find it boring in parts if you’re not into this sound, otherwise get your chins ready!

01. Cells - Bud [Slant]
02. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search - Metheor [Outland]
03. Ricardo Villalobos - Suesse Cheques [Frisbee]
04. Steevio - Ty (Pure Sinewave) [Mindtours]
05. JPLS - Program 3 [Minus]
06. Concept 1 - 11.22 [Concept 1]
07. Concept 1 - 06.11 [Concept 1]
08. Cells - Wilt [Slant]
09. Tadeo - IO [Apnea]
10. Mikael Stavöstrand - Stol [Defrag Sound Processing]
11. Mark-Henning - Sick Note [Cynosure]
12. Oni Ayhun - OAR001-A [Oni Ayhun]
13. Quenum & Lee Van Dowski - Oregon [Cadenza]
14. Richard Parker - Gas [Itinerant]